Prevent versus Remedy

Consuming Natural Products (Fruits, Vegetables) the “Rainbow” on the Table, There is NO Need for Medications.

Relax Your Mind.

Enjoy the Present.

Energetic Meditation.

Herbal Medicine.

Health Balance of the Ecosystem.

Maintain the Warrior Spirit.

Walking, Increasing Time and Distance

Organic vs. Non-Organic

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Healing Sounds

Microscosmic Orbit

Yin Yan Movements

Energetic Points

Chi Transfer

Skin & Bone Respiration

Energetic Meditation

Martial Arts Applications

Tai Chi

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Energy, Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed!

The Universe is an Infinite Number Of Vibrations and Rhythms

Healing Sounds, to Return the Body Own Vibrations to Its Natural State

Heartbeat,the Primal Source of All Rhythm

Healing = Frequency + Intention = Sport

Tao Principle

Natural Order of The Universe Whose Character Human Intuition Must Discern in Order to Realize the Potential For Individual Wisdom.

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Wu Xing, Five Elements

Generating Cycle!

Wood feeds Fire

Fire creates Earth (ash)

Earth bears Metal

Metal collects Water

Water nourishes Wood

Overcoming Cycle!

Wood parts Earth (such as roots or trees can prevent soil erosion)

Earth dams (or muddles or absorbs) Water

Water extinguishes Fire

Fire melts Metal

Metal chops Wood

The essence of sport: Compete Against Yourself and enjoy to the maximum.

Privileges are Earned, NOT Granted

If One Can Do It, Anyone Can Do It

Sport Experiences are More Rewarding when Improving Your Daily Exercise Routines

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Herbal Medicine.

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