Share these beautiful and nostalgic moments in Tlaxcala

Pictures By: Eliacer Corichi Morales

A Green Project Organization promotes Cultural, Educational, Technological (use of ancestral techniques, NOT to be confused with scientific advances), Sports, Health, and Ecological EXPEDITIONS.
The attraction of traveling around the world opens the mind to value the identity of people, finding different things that DO NOT exist in your city of origin.
Admiring the beauty of majestic Nature, customs, clothing, food, toys, native languages, sharing moments and anecdotes with people, their history, makes the experience enjoyable and unique.
Nowadays, the charm of this traveling experience has been lost. Why? The answer is very simple, all places want to look like big cities, streets with all the technological advances, well-known chain stores, deafening noise, in short this and much more.
In summary, conscious travelers will follow the basic rules of traveling, searching in the most hidden corner of the world, “THE MAGIC” of these beautiful places, WITHOUT THE PARTICIPATION of “CIVILIZATION”.