2008 Universal Social Club

2008 Universal Social Club


Learn Languages to improve the understanding of regional or local words.


Body Language

Communication Through The Physical Behaviors Of Our Body.


Movement Of A Body Part, Especially A Hand Or Head, To Express A Feeling, Idea, Or Meaning.

Eye Movements

Communication To Send Important Signals, Such As Looking, Staring, Or Blinking.

Facial Expressions

The Human Face Is Extremely Expressive, Capable Of Transmitting Countless Emotions Without Saying A Word, Facial Expressions Are Universal Such As: Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Surprise, Fear Or Disgust.

Body Posture

Reflect Emotions, Attitudes And Intentions, The Degree Of Trust, Status Or Receptivity Of An Individual Towards Another Person.


Way To Connect With A Person By Showing Affection And Tranquility, Through A Hug Or Shaking Hands.

Use Of Space

Desire Or Willingness To Communicate Openness And Friendship, Indicates Ownership Territoriality.

Breathing's Patterns

Speak With A Strong Voice And Rich Tone Allows Confidence And Comfort, Speak With Vibrant Voice Tone Quality To Give More Energy To Your Message.

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