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Prevent versus Remedy

Consuming Natural Products (Fruits, Vegetables) the “Rainbow” on the Table, There is NO Need for Medications.

Relax Your Mind.

Enjoy the Present.

Energetic Meditation.

Herbal Medicine.

Health Balance of the Ecosystem.

Maintain the Warrior Spirit.

Walking, Increasing Time and Distance

Balance Between All of the Living Things

(Plants, Animals And Organisms) In a Given Area, Interacting with Each Other, and also with Their Non-living Environments (Weather, Earth, Sun, Soil, Climate, Atmosphere).

Our Mission is to Develop New Generations, which in a Near Future Will Have the Privilege of Organizing, Implementing and Supervising the Activities of the World.

Balance Body, Mind & Spirit, with the Natural Environment.

Generating Cycle

Wood Feeds Fire

Fire Creates Earth (Ashes)

Earth Produces Metal

Metal Condenses Water

Water Nourishes Wood

Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity Must Be Part of Our Daily Life

Child-centered education based on freedom, observation, skills, values, beliefs, habits, real-life discoveries so that they finally achieve autonomous learning and critical thinking.

Education comes from the first experiences of a child that are formative and the associations are created during his life and that are lasting.

Authentic learning involves all the senses allowing students to create a meaningful and / or tangible and useful product to share with their world.

The teacher becomes a guide, an event manager, a facilitator, NOT A DICTATOR!.

Culture Is Beyond Curiosity

When you are traveling different types of language, art, architecture, traditions, food, clothing, toys, etc. are known.

Bring “Adventure” Back Into Play

Bring “Adventure” Back Into Play ...


2007-10-08-Elite ...

2015-07-02 What A Wonderful World

2015-07-02 What A Wonderful World ...

2009-10-18-Fiestas Patrias

2009-10-18-Fiestas Patrias ...

2009-12-29 El Circo de la Mariposa

2009-12-29 El Circo de la Mariposa ...

2009-06-19 Exposición Revolución Mexicana

2009-06-19 Exposición Revolución Mexicana ...

2008-09-13 Xochimilco

Xochimilco Xochimilco comes from the Nahuatl language and means “Flower field place” It is called "The Mexican Venice". It was ...


2007-06-18-Tarahumara ...

2008 Universal Social Club

2008 Universal Social Club ...

From Remote Times, the Good Techniques Remain.

For many years every day my health training routine consisted of cycling, swimming and running, and from there was born the Ultra Triathlon.



Our Events are Dedicated to The Real Heroes Of México

Our Events are Dedicated to The Real Heroes Of México

Since 2010 Our Events are Dedicated to All People in México, Who Work From Dawn To Dusk
Without Receiving Benefits From The Government Welfare System
Despite Working 12 Hours Or More Per Day.

A Quiet Dignity That Deserves Our Respect,
These Warriors Have No Access To or Time for Sports, With Workdays Often Beginning At 3 a.m.
In All Types of Weather: Rain, Cold, Heat, Wind. Each Day Is Spent In a Battle for Survival,
With No Energy for Dreams Of The Future, No Desire to Remember the Past.
There Is Only The Present: Always Demanding Attention, Always Attempting To Drain the Spirit.

& Avoid Selling My Country

Se Vende mi País por todos lados
La tripa, el corazón y sus costados
Se Vende mi País a 4 vientos
Su sangre, su sabor, sus alimentos
Se Vende mi País cada momento
Su hambre, su dolor, su sentimiento
Se Vende mi País con todo y gente
Se vende la palabra independiente
Yo no lo vendo no, porque lo quiero
Yo no lo vendo no, mejor me muero
Yo no lo vendo no, porque lo quiero
Yo no lo vendo no, mejor me muero ....

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